. Laurel Goodell 
Instructional Laboratory Manager

Department of Geosciences 
M181 Guyot Hall 
Princeton University 
Princeton, NJ 08544

Phone: (609) 258-1043

  photo credit: Princeton Alumni Weekly Jan. 30, 2002

As Undergraduate Laboratory Manager in the Department of Geosciences, I oversee the instructional laboratories for our undergraduate courses, especially the entry level courses. This includes:
  • Curriculum development for laboratory sections and coordination with lecture sections. 
  • Training and supervison of graduate student laboratory instructors and undergradatuate laboratory assistants.  I also teach lab sections myself.
  • Curating our teaching collection of rocks, minerals, and maps; managing laboratory equipment and supplies; and managing the software and hardware for computers in the teaching lab.
  • Since 1999, accompanying our Freshman Seminar on Active Geological Processes on the week-long field trip to California.  See photo above taken atop the lateral moraine of one of the Sierra Nevada glaciers, across Owen's Valley, towards the White Mountains (I'm in the red hat).
I am also involved in K-12 earth science education:
  • I am on the faculty of Princeton's Project QUEST, a summer science and math institute for elementary school school teachers.
  • I conduct in-service workshops for local school districts.
  • I am a particpating scientist for the NSF-funded  E=MC2 project , a K-6 science education program.
Other professional activities:

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