Structural Geology

Structural Geology course on the Web

Teaching resources in Structural Geology U. of Leeds

Structural Geology Techniques

Earthquakes and Seismology
Seismo-surfing the Internet: links to websites with stuff about earthquakes 

Southern California Earthquake Center  (SCEC)

SCEC Data Center

USGS Pasadena Earthquake Information

USGS Menlo Park

USGS Golden, CO: national seismic hazards mapping project 

UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory Moment Tensor Homepage

FAULT PARAMETERS: Eastern Transverse Ranges and Mojave Faults

Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (Italy) in Italian

ReNaSS (France) In French

Harvard Seismology (CMT)

Earthquake Information Center, Tokyo: information about the Taiwan earthquake here 

IRIS: Data Management System

USGS National Earthquake Information Center

U of Edinburh Global Earthquake Report

TopoZone Access to USGS topographic maps online. Select from 4 map scales and 3 map sizes. 
USGS National Mapping Information: downloadable DEMs  of the U.S. and other good stuff (look under Geodata)

Online Map Creation (GMT): topo maps and some tectonic features
UCSC - GIS Resources: links to other sites 

The National Atlas of the U.S.: topo maps (roads, rivers, etc., but no contours), a little geology 

Cornell University: map generator, topo and geology. 

USGS/DMG: more geological maps of Southern California 

SAR Interferometry and Surface Change Detection

Dibblee Foundation:  geological maps (on paper) of California 

GLOBE Project: topographic and bathymetric data 

Remote Sensing

Eros Data Center

ASTER images

SPOT images

Corona Images Program USA Spy Program

Global visualization Landsat 7,5, 4 and Aster

GIS Software 

USGS GIS software and utility


GIS software and resources

Surfaces process

Quaternary Research Association

Geological Time Scale and Geohistory

UC Museum of Paleontology's Geologic Time Machine

Fossil Distribution Plotting Plots worldwide occurrences of fossils from DSDP and ODP cores.

Solar System Live (Interactive Orrery) 

Earth Viewer

Color Landform Atlas


Volcano World: current eruptions and a lot of images 

Arenal Volcano map (Costa Rica)

Images of Volcanoes

Plate Tectonic
Plate Reconstruction Service Create and download plate reconstruction maps. Site run by GEOMAR. 

Paleo-Map Project and Plate tectonic reconstruction

Plate Tectonic Animations

Institutes and Universities

Institut de Geophysique, Mexico

UC Santa Barbara/Free software

Geological Societies





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