Bess B. Ward
Princeton University
   • Nitrite Reductase
   • Gene Arrays

Patricia A. Glibert
Horn Point Laboratories
   • Biogeochemistry

Todd Kana
Horn Point Laboratories
   • Biogeochemistry

Jeffrey Cornwell
Horn Point Laboratories
   • Biogeochemistry

Jon P. Zehr
University of California, Santa Cruz
   • Nitrogenase

Jackie C. Collier
State University of NY, Stony Brook
   • Urease

Mary A. Voytek
United States Geological Survey
   • Ammonia monooxygenase

George A. Jackson
Texas A&M University

   • Database management, modeling

Project Summary

George Jackson, PI
Lars Stemmann, Postdoctoral Fellow

We provide the more mathematical support for the program. We are presently developing a data management system to aid in the archiving, retrieval, and analysis of the observations. We will be working with the others in the group to interpret results from the microarray analyses in terms of biodiversity indices. We will also be working in conjunction with the other group members to develop models that explain our observations in terms of the environment and their ecological implications.

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