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X17- DAC
The diamond anvil cell X-ray (X17 DAC) facility at the National Synchrotron Light Source (NSLS) is the longest running dedicated high-pressure beam line in the world. The X17 DAC facility is located on a superconducting wiggler beam line and consist of two stations (X17C and X17B3) together with sample preparation/spectroscopy laboratory.

Main techniques: Energy and angle dispersive diffraction on single crystals and polycrystals to ultrahigh pressures and temperatures using diamond anvil cells; High energy total x-ray scattering (PDF analysis) of melts, glass, nano-crystals & polycrystals

Studies of: equation of state, phase transitions, structure refinements, yield strength, amorphization, texturing, compressibility, liquid and glass structure, and other properties

Materials: minerals, metals, oxides, silicates, nitrides, manganites, clathrates, nanocrystals, microinclusions and many others.

Strategic Plan

2010 COMPRES report