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Adam Maloof
Assistant Professor of Geosciences (Geology)

Department of Geosciences
213 Guyot Hall
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544

Phone: (609) 258-2844
E-Mail: maloof@princeton.edu


I am an Earth historian. Nearly all of my research relies on original field observations -- at the scale of maps and at the scale of rock outcrops. Since 1997, I have spent 32 months in the field, and my research continues to focus on the generation of new field-based datasets.

In addition to collecting field data, my current work involves using sedimentary and volcanic rocks to extract information about Earth's ancient magnetic field and the relative motion of continents, perturbations to the global carbon cycle, climate change, and processes related to small meteorite impacts. By placing a suite of multidisciplinary lab results into the context of detailed field work, I aim to generate powerful integrated datasets that tell rich stories of Earth history.


BAHAMAS (a) The origin of magnetization in carbonates, and (b) Tidal channels on a modern carbonate platform, and the meaning of cyclic parasequences
INDIA Lonar Crater: a terrestrial analogue for Martian impact processes
ONTARIO The importance of non-dipole contributions to paleomagnetic fields
AUSTRALIA and the ARCTIC True polar wander (TPW) in the geologic record
MOROCCO Carbon cycling during the Cambrian explosion
EASTERN B.C. The timing and duration of Eocene Thermal Optima


Undergraduate and graduate students interested in conducting research in Earth history at Princeton should email me for more information.

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