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  François M. M. Morel
Professor of Geosciences (Geochemistry)

Department of Geosciences 
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CHM 333 Oil to Ozone: Chemistry of the Environment (also ENV 333)
François M.M. Morel

The chemistry behind environmental issues, including energy consumption, atmospheric change, water consumption and pollution, food production and toxic chemicals. The course includes discussion of questions and problems, guest lectures, and a group project to construct an informational Web page. Prerequisites: a 200-level chemistry course or permission of instructor. F. Morel

GEO 418/CHM 418, Environmental Aqueous Geochemistry
François M.M. Morel

Application of quantitative chemical principles to the study of natural waters.  Includes equilibrium computations, carbonate system, gas exchange, precipitation/dissolution of minerals, coordination of trace metals, redox reactions in water and sediments.  Prerequisite:  one year of college chemistry.  Previous or concurrent enrollment in Chemistry 306 recommended.

ENV/GEO 524, Environmental Issues Seminar
François M.M. Morel

Current problems in environmental sciences. Element cycles; geochemistry-biotic interactions, human impacts on the environment. A new topic is chosen every semester. Recent topics have included: the global carbon cycle, alternative energies, biodiversity, environmental ethics, genetically modified organisms, the effects of globalization on the environment, the media and the environment, restoration ecology, the humanities’ influence on environmental science and policy, and ecological design and planning: architecture, landscape, and urbanism. Topic for Fall 2007 is "Science Communication".

The students are expected to:

* Attend every seminar.
* Study in advance the reading material sent to them.
* Participate in the discussions.
* For each session each student is expected to formulate in advance his/her most penetrating, unique or creative question for the speaker.
* Write a one page report about the class at the end of the semester.


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