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Jorge L. Sarmiento
Professor of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (Biogeochemistry)

Director of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Program

Director of the Cooperative Institute for Climate Science

AOS Program, Princeton University

Sayre Hall, Forrestal Campus
PO Box CN710
Princeton, NJ 08544-0710

Phone: (609) 258-6585


AOS 578 Chemical Oceanography
Jorge L. Sarmiento
The chemical composition of the oceans and the nature of the physical and chemical processes governing this composition in the past and present. The cycles of major and minor oceanic constituents, including interactions with the biosphere and at the ocean-atmosphere and ocean-sediment interfaces.

GEO 202a, 202b Oceanography: An Introduction to the World's Oceans
Jorge L. Sarmiento, B. Ward
An interdisciplinary introduction to oceanography, including biological, chemical, geological, and physical processes. Covers topics such as origins and structure of planet Earth and its oceans; evolution of Earth and life; plate tectonics, liquid water and the hydrologic and hydrothermal cycles, salinity and elemental cycles, ocean circulation; primary production and nutrient cycles, marine ecosystems; life on the sea floor, near shore and estuarine communities, potential environmental issues for the world's oceans. 202a: Three lectures. 202b: Three lectures, one laboratory.


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