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Jorge L. Sarmiento
Professor of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (Biogeochemistry)

Director of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Program

Director of the Cooperative Institute for Climate Science

AOS Program, Princeton University

Sayre Hall, Forrestal Campus
PO Box CN710
Princeton, NJ 08544-0710

Phone: (609) 258-6585

Research Group

Research and Technical Staff

Robert Key - Research Scholar - email

Rick Slater - Senior Professional Specialist - email

Jennifer Simeon - Associate Professional Specialist - email

Michael Hiscock - Associate Research Scholar - email

Keith Rodgers - Associate Research Scholar - email

Sara Mikaloff-Fletcher - Associate Research Scholar - email

Eric Galbraith - Postdoctoral Research Associate - email

Stephanie Henson - Associate Research Scholar - email


Kelly Kearney - email

Daniele Bianchi - email

Yves Plancherel - email

Patrick Schultz - email


Updated 01/23/08