Beveridge, Harig & Simons (2018)

Source: ISI Science Citation Index.

Pu L, Fan DM, You W, Jiang ZS, Yang XC, Wan XY, Nigatu ZM
Analysis of mass flux variations in the southern Tibetan Plateau based on an improved spatial domain filtering approach for GRACE/GRACE-FO solutions
INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF REMOTE SENSING 43 (10) 3563-3591 DOI 10.1080/01431161.2022.2099233 MAY 19 2022

Li F, Li YM, Zhou XW, Yin Z, Liu T, Xin QCA
Modeling and analyzing supply-demand relationships of water resources in Xinjiang from a perspective of ecosystem services
JOURNAL OF ARID LAND 14 2 115-138 DOI 10.1007/s40333-022-0059-z FEB 2022

Ramillien G, Seoane L, Darrozes J
An Innovative Slepian Approach to Invert GRACE KBRR for Localized Hydrological Information at the Sub-Basin Scale
REMOTE SENSING: 13: 9: 1824 DOI: 10.3390/rs13091824: MAY 2021

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