Burky, Irving & Simons (2021) | Related Work

Source: ISI Science Citation Index.

Osotuyi AG, Ni SD, Chong JJ, Jun X, Akpan O
Seismometer Orientation Correction via Teleseismic Receiver Function Measurements in West Africa and Adjacent Islands
SEISMOLOGICAL RESEARCH LETTERS 94 3 1509-1525 DOI 10.1785/0220220316 MAY 2023

Kim D, Lekic V, Irving JCE, Schmerr N, Knapmeyer-Endrun B, Joshi R, Panning MP, Tauzin B, Karakostas F, Maguire R, Huang Q, Ceylan S, Khan A, Giardini D, Wieczorek MA, Lognonne P, Banerdt WB
Improving Constraints on Planetary Interiors With PPs Receiver Functions
JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-PLANETS Volume 126 11 e2021JE006983 DOI 10.1029/2021JE006983 NOV 2021

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