Gualtieri, Bachmann, Simons & Tromp (2021) | Related Work

Source: ISI Science Citation Index.

Pipatprathanporn S, Simons FJ
One year of sound recorded by a MERMAID float in the Pacific: hydroacoustic earthquake signals and infrasonic ambient noise
GEOPHYSICAL JOURNAL INTERNATIONAL 228 1 193-212 DOI 10.1093/gji/ggab296 JAN 2022

Le Pape F, Bean CJ
North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) Climate Index Hidden in Ocean Generated Secondary Microseisms
GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS 48 17 e2021GL093657 DOI 10.1029/2021GL093657 SEP 16 2021

Xiao H, Tanimoto T, Xue M
Study of S-Wave Microseisms Generated by Storms in the Southeast Australia and North Atlantic
GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS 48 15 e2021GL093728 DOI: 10.1029/2021GL093728 AUG 16 2021

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