Kalnins, Simons, Kirby, Wang & Olhede (2015) | Related Work

Source: ISI Science Citation Index.

Xi XG, Yang C, Shi JH, Luo ZZ, Zhao Y
Surface Electromyography-Based Daily Activity Recognition Using Wavelet Coherence Coefficient and Support Vector Machine
NEURAL PROCESSING LETTERS 50 (3): 2265-2280, DOI: 10.1007/s11063-019-10008-w DEC 2019

Bates AP, Khalid Z, Kennedy RA
Slepian Spatial-Spectral Concentration Problem on the Sphere: Analytical Formulation for Limited Colatitude-Longitude Spatial Region
IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SIGNAL PROCESSING, 65 (6):1527-1537; 10.1109/TSP.2016.2646668 MAR 15 2017

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