Frederik J. Simons Research Group & Diaspora

Students, Post-Docs, Collaborators

Graduate students, including Visiting Student Research Collaborators

Huda Al-Alawi *22 (Geosciences)
Alice Bates (Australian National University, now at Ernst & Young)
Eugene Brevdo *11 (PACM, now with Google)
Alex Burky *22 (Geosciences, now with RPS Group)
Page Dabney *22 (Geosciences)
Chunli Dai (now at Louisiana State University)
Ariane Ducellier (Geosciences, now at the University of Washington)
Chris Harig (University of Colorado at Boulder, now at the University of Arizona)
Jessica Hawthorne *12 (Geosciences, now at the University of Oxford)
Yue Hu (University of Geosciences Wuhan, now at Zhejiang University)
Verena Lieb (Technische Universität München, now at Airbus Defence and Space)
Wenyong Pan (University of Calgary, now at Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Sirawich "Pete" Pipatprathanporn (Geosciences)
Alain Plattner (ETH Zürich, now at the University of Alabama)
Hannah F. Rogers (U. Edinburgh, now at ISTerre, Université Grenoble Alpes)
Georg Reuber (Universität Mainz, now at Lufthansa Industry Solutions)
Terance Schuh *22 (Geosciences, now at Radwell International)
Joel Simon *20 (Geosciences)
Cornelis Slobbe (TU Delft)
Yue Tian *10 (Geosciences, now at Chevron)
Lei Wang (Ohio State University)
Dong Wang *10 (Geosciences, now at Huawei)
Liying Wei (ANU, now at 上海水竹科技有限公司)
Yanhua Yuan *16 (Geosciences, now with ExxonMobil Corporate Strategic Research)
Shuyuang Zhang (Virginia Tech)

Post-docs: Fellows, Associates, Scholars, including Visiting Research Collaborators

Ciarán Beggan (U. Edinburgh, now at British Geological Survey)
Dmitry Borisov (Geosciences, now at Kansas Geological Survey)
Ebru Bozdağ (Geosciences, now at Colorado School of Mines)
Lucia Gualtieri (Geosciences, now at Stanford University)
Greg Garner (Princeton School of Public and International Affairs, now at Gro Intelligence)
Arthur Guillaumin (UCL, now at Queen Mary University of London)
Chris Harig (Geosciences, now at The University of Arizona)
Lara Kalnins (University of Oxford, now at the University of Edinburgh)
Vladimir Kazei (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology)
Edwin Kite (Geosciences Hess Fellow, now at The University of Chicago)
Bob Kopp (Woodrow Wilson School, now at Rutgers University)
Raj Moulik (Geosciences)
Kevin Lewis (Geosciences Hess Fellow, now at Johns Hopkins University)
Qiancheng Liu (Geosciences, now at IGCAS Beijing)
Zhaolun Liu (Geosciences, now at Ocean University of China)
James P. D. Moore (Earth Observatory of Singapore)
Alain Plattner (Geosciences/Swiss National Fonds, now at the University of Alabama)
Joel Simon (Geosciences)
Glenn Sterenborg (Geosciences CIFAR Fellow, now at Orbital Insight)
Umair bin Waheed (Geosciences, now at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals)
Mathurin Dongmo Wamba (Geosciences)
Yanhua Yuan *16 (Geosciences, now with ExxonMobil Corporate Strategic Research)
Zhendong Zhang (Geosciences, now at MIT)

Undergraduate students

Garnet Abrams '12 (Geosciences, now with Schlumberger)
Amy Amatya '20 (Geosciences, now at Climate Central)
Mrinalini Basu '15 (Physics, now at Epic Systems)
Alyson Beveridge '16 (Geosciences, now at the University of Copenhagen)
Alex Cavoli '22 (Geosciences, now at BoxPower)
Henry Chu '11 (Operations Research, now with Fidelity Investments)
Diana Chao '20 (Geosciences, now at Kinetic Analysis Corporation)
Maricela Coronado '18 (Geosciences, now at JW Player)
Ben Dando (UCL, now with NORSAR)
Gabe Eggers '13 (Geosciences, now at Lunar and Planetary Institute)
Angel Fan '19 (Geosciences, now at Stanford University)
Robert Freeman '20 (Computer Science, now at CBRE Build)
Benjamin Getraer '19 (Geosciences, now at Dartmouth)
Laura Larsen-Strecker (Harvard, now at Vesper Boat Club)
Ben Leizman '17 (Computer Science, now at Meta)
Cristian Proistosescu '09 (Physics, now at The University of Illinois)
Weber Liu '16 (Geosciences)
Jonah Rubin (University of Vermont, now at Tesla)
Kathleen Ryan '14 (Geosciences, now at the Dominican House of Studies)
Yuri Tamama '22 (Geosciences, now at Caltech)
Anna van Brummen '17 (Geosciences, now at Blue Tomorrow)
Yifeng Wang '11 (Geosciences, now with Veho)
Evan Welch '12 (Physics, now with Meta)
August Wietfeldt '23 (Physics)
Gloria Yin '18 (Mathematics, now at NRECA)
Tyrone Zhang '22 (Geosciences, now at Penn State)
Laurie Zielinski '22 (Geosciences, now at Dartmouth)

Other collaborators

Mike Bevis (The Ohio State University)
Ebru Bozdağ (Université de Nice, Colorado School of Mines)
Ingrid Daubechies (Princeton University, Duke University)
Willi Freeden (Technische Universität Kaiserslautern)
Fuchun Gao (TOTAL Energies, now at Sinopec)
Shin-Chan Han (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, University of Newcastle, Australia)
Roland Klees (Delft University of Technology)
Ignace Loris (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Université Libre de Bruxelles)
Adam Maloof (Geosciences)
Jeff McGuire (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, now at United States Geological Survey)
Volker Michel (University of Siegen)
Jerry Mitrovica (Harvard University)
Guust Nolet (Université de Nice)
Sofia Olhede (University College London, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)
Michael Oppenheimer (Princeton School of Public and International Affairs)
C. K. Shum (The Ohio State University)
Adam Sykulski (University College London, University of Lancaster)
Jeroen Tromp (Geosciences)
Bud Vincent (Unvirsity of Rhode Island, DBV Technology)
Paul Williamson (TOTAL Energies)
Mark Wieczorek (Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur)
Shijie Zhong (University of Colorado at Boulder)

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