Frederik J. Simons Teaching

2019-2022 Crops, Culture & Climate | Feedback
Princeton University, FRS161
(with Adam Maloof)
2007-2022 Data, Models & Uncertainty in the Natural Sciences
Princeton University, GEO422 | Feedback
2008-2021 Global Geophysics | Feedback
Princeton University, GEO320/GEO371/PHY371/GEO700
2008-2022 Fundamentals of the Geosciences
Princeton University, GEO506
2015-2017 State of the Earth: Shifts & Cycles | Feedback
Princeton University, FRS135
Princeton University, FRS124
Princeton University, FRS135
(with Adam Maloof)
2011-2013 Earth's Environments, Ancient Civilizations | Feedback
Princeton University, FRS187 | 2013 Grade distribution
Princeton University, FRS187 | 2012 Grade distribution
Princeton University, FRS171 | 2011 Grade distribution
(with Adam Maloof)
2012 Origin and Evolution of the Continental Lithosphere
Princeton University, GEO 556 | Feedback
(with Blair Schoene)
2007-2009 Earth's Changing Surface & Climate | Feedback
Princeton University, FRS145 | 2009 Grade distribution
Princeton University, FRS145 | 2008 Grade distribution
Princeton University, FRS149 | 2007 Grade distribution
(with Adam Maloof and Bob Phinney)
2005-2006 Global Seismology
University College London, C479/GEOL3031
2005-2006 Earth & Planetary System Science Seminar (with Lidunka Vońćadlo)
University College London, GEOL4003/GEOLGG03
2003&2006  Active Geological Processes (Field Instructor)
Princeton University, FRS149
2006 The Deep Earth (with David Dobson)
University College London, GEOLGG06
2005 Global Tectonics (with Gerald Roberts)
Birkbeck College London
2004 Earthquakes, Volcanoes & Other Hazards (Lab Instructor)
Princeton University, GEO210
2002 Introductory Seismology (Guest Lecturer)
Princeton University, GEO424
2001 Advanced Placement Physics (Private Tutor)
Cambridge Rindge and Latin School
2001 Mathematics (Instructor)
Boston Math Circle, Boston, MA
1996-2001 Essentials of Geophysics (Teaching Assistant)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 12.201-12.501

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