Bridging the Gap Between the Geosciences and Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

A workshop held at Princeton University, October 1-2 2012

Supported by the National Science Foundation under grant EAR-1025539, and by the Princeton Center for Theoretical Science.

This meeting brought together theoretical geoscientists, mathematicians, statisticians and computer scientists around the common goal of identifying and solving challenging problems in the geosciences.

We are finalizing a draft manifesto for what we have become: The Consortium for Mathematics in the Geosciences, or CMG++ for short.

Workshop program

Workshop talks by Brown Dawson Demanet Flyer Foufoula-Georgiou Ghil Hardin Jackson Jadamec Jerolmack Knepley Liu Malcolm Mead Nicholls Renaut Sandu Simons Singer Spiegelman Stein Wang Wright Yuen Zaliapin

Registered organizers: Flyer, Ghil, Simons, Stein, Wright, Yuen.
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Don Estep, Natasha Flyer, Michael Ghil, Ridg Scott, Frederik Simons, Michael Stein, Seth Stein, Grady Wright, Dave Yuen.

White Paper Authors Group (all of whom can send email to
Jed Brown, George W. Bergantz, Dan Cooley, Clint Dawson, Maarten de Hoop, Donald Estep, Natasha Flyer, Efi Foufoula-Georgiou, Michael Ghil, Matthew Knepley, Randall J. LeVeque, Lek-Heng Lim, George Papanicolaou, Serge Prudhomme, Adrian Sandu, Gerald Schubert, L. Ridgway Scott, Frederik J. Simons, Philip B. Stark, Michael Stein, Seth Stein, Toshiro Tanimoto, Daniel Tartakovsky, Jonathan Weare, Robert Weiss, Grady B. Wright, Dave Yuen.

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Currently close to 100 subscribers. List available upon request.

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